Window Cleaning

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S M Cleaning Services have been providers of window cleaning solutions for domestic and commercial properties for over 20 years. We use purified water and a non abbrasive or intrusive system.

We clean exterior and intrerior windows and fascia of any material to the highest standard and maintain that standard.

Internal partitioning and glass architecture work undertaken

Tucker Pole System

this ladder less system is also environmentally friendly as it uses virtually 100% pure water that aggresively pushes away dirt without the need for chemicals or detergents.

If you have a 2-6 storey building, and your current window cleaner is still using ladders or hydreulic equpment, then this system has five main advantages:

  • Health & Safety - Significantly reduces th erisk of accidents to your cleaner, your sataff or clientel
  • Damage - Reduces the impact of ladders on property (sills, slates, tiles facia etc)
  • Cost - No need to hire lifting equpment and reduces labour costs
  • Quality - This method cleans windows more thoroughly so even when the sun comes out there are no marks visible
  • Frames & Sills - In addition to the glass, the frames and sills are also cleaned
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