Trauma Scene & Crime Scene Cleaning

Trauma Scene & Crime Scene Cleaning

SM Cleaning Services dedicated CSCT Division is one of the most experienced companies in the area of Trauma Scene Management. With years of experience our Bio-Technicians have been the choice of biological waste disposal and cleaning for people and businesses throughout the UK.

We are proud to be members of the National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners and take our responsibilities very seriously

The correct term for Crime Scene Cleaning is known as Trauma Scene Cleanup or more formally, Trauma Scene Management. Until a crisis arises most individuals and businesses are unfamiliar with our industry. The service of cleaning and remediation of blood and other potentially infectious materials from homes, businesses, construction sites, vehicles and even ships and planes is like no other. 

Assumptions that the police or the emergency services, clean up the trauma scene when finished, is a wide-spread but wrong belief. However, after they have finished providing their respective services, they leave the scene for the property owner to deal with. 

While they perform their services with professionalism and utmost knowledge, but do not have the time, experience or the resources to provide the technically difficult and time consuming abilities of our dedicated crime and trauma scene cleaning division (CSCT). 

Our team offer a virtually unlimited list of services in trauma scene management and bio-remediation, due to our extensive experience, training and networking alliances with other companies. When it comes to our business, we offer clients a powerful resource. 

Listed below is a comprehensive list of the trauma and crime scene cleaning services we offer: 

• 24 Hour Emergency Service 
• Blood removal and cleanup 
• Accident, Crime, Death and Trauma Scene Cleanup 
• Unsanitary Residence Cleaning (Trash Houses) 
• HIV / AIDS House Cleaning 
• Removal of Dead Animals and Bird / Rodent Droppings 
• Decontamination and Sanitising 
• Odour Remediation 
• Complete Restoration Services 
• Waste Removal Service 

If you require any advice or assistance regarding cleaning up a trauma scene, please fell free to contact our friendly team.

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